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Chinese new year just end and finally I have time to update my blog and upload few photos here. It was a long journey from the place I studying to my hometown. Around 6 hours journey or equal to 550++km. I will stop by some place like Malacca and Kuala Lumpur everytime I driving back to home.

This post gonna talk about the food I ate during this Chinese New Year period. I went to 2 places, so called "food heaven' in Malaysia, which are Melaka and Penang. The third food heaven? Of course is my hometown, Teluk Intan. ^^

Have Nadeje layer cake at Melaka (candid by my friend)

Dinner at Ji Xiang restaurant

The well known Mamit chicken of this restaurant

Sweet and sour crab

Glutinous rice with BBQ pork (my hometown food)

I not gonna talk much about my hometown food, I have wrote few posts about it before.

Right after the 9th day of Chinese New Year (lunar calendar), we organized a short trip to the one of the food heaven in east Malaysia, Penang.

Our first stop was Charlie Brown cafe, a Snoopy themed cafe, served coffee with Snoopy character calligraphy on top.

It is located at Strait Quay
Have a break with Snoopy

Gong Xi Fa Cai

The calligraphy

We have our dinner at a hawker stalk opposite Penang Girl's School
Char Kuey Tiaw

Fried fish eggs. I not sure how many of your do eat fish eggs. For me, it is delicious and full of protein.

O-jian (Fried oyster with eggs)

Of course, we visited Kek Lok Si (temple), a tourist attraction.

Have Hokkien mee (prawn noodles) as our supper.

I visited Melaka again on 4th February for our university friends Chinese New Year gathering. This time, we have 10 types of Melaka food in one day. You can imagine how much we missed Melaka's food.

Nyonya laksa and Cendol, they are still other stall better than this

Klebang coconut milkshake (I feel all the milkshake have almost the same taste, wonder why so many ppl like to buy from this stall)

Haagen Dazs ice cream

Affogato, very nice but pricy.

Pak Putra Tandoori chicken, consider the best Tandoori in Melaka.

BBQ stuff

Satay celup (A must have food if you visit Melaka)

Mango juice in Jonker street. It have a very unique taste if you like sour drink.

I did not snap all photos, guess I left some of them.

Haagen Dazs fondae as dinner for 5th February

The next 2 days, 15th in lunar calendar (Valentine's day for Chinese). We have Korean food as dinner instead of throwing orange into river.

BBQ Beef. Korean BBQ is always one of the best BBQ.

刀削面 (I think it should be 'knife chopped noodle' if translate directly)

Fried dumplings

Have a drinks at Overtime. I like the outdoor environment of Overtime Melaka branch. Feel windy as it is located at second floor.

Finally, duck mee for midnight supper.

Where am I now? Melaka again lo, 2 more days left for my semester break. Back to school soon!

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