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Hey! It has been a long time I didn't update my blog (of course I know) due to busyness with assignments and society stuff. Finally I have the time to post again with the boring mood today. Let you know what I busy with this 2 month.


15th & 16th August - GACC

Meet a group of Dragon Ball Z and Kamen Rider cosplayer. Believe it not, the kamen rider garment cost around RM1K, but it is real enough.

It was fun being one of the GACC committee, lots of fun there. Nor bles o bleach! (sounds that, but I guess the spelling is wrong) *definitely not "no place for bleach".

By the way, I missed the GACC committee appreciation dinner. T.T It must be fun during the dinner.

23th August - Reading is Inspring
Went to BookFest 09 at KLCC. Spend quite amount of money there, luckily dad didn't say anything. =þ

I have to masked myself to prevent H1N1.

Finally, month of September has reached. The good news is we have a day of holiday before the first day of September, bad news is due date for 3 assignments approaching. Thinking back of our BEC assignment, 'qi keek' man!

Yes! Carton boxes and newspaper are what we deal with for the first two week!

Innovation Management

Our idea of using this paper roll get rejected. Luckily we manage to get another idea within a day.

Stay up until 6 o clock in the morning to finish the stool. It is so tired during that week. Unable to wake up or late to class in that period. Thanks for the morning calls, I appreciate it. =)

09-09-09 International Business Event - Big day
Yes, 09³. A nice date and a big day for International Business students. It is the day for our event. Lets see some food.

Egg tarts! My favourite! And siew pao also. :D~

I just cant think of the rhythm for the song suddenly.

Pictures below are not food anymore.

Lion dance, you guys still have space for improvement.

What? Dare not to come to our event?

Prepare to promote our event around campus.

I wonder what Xin Yee doing behind. Don't care, clip her.

OMG! What you guys doing? (I don't know anything, I just snap)

With our BIB lecturer, Mr.Tan.

With director of Internatonal Business even, Sean.

10th September
Another big day after IB event. the stool exhibition.

With BIN lecturer, Dr.David.


The first time I didn't go to meet my academic advisor, but still able to register course. Hehe. ^^
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