Choon Hong
We went to Jusco after class. Guess what!? Is Jusco Members Day again. Just like what we expected, a little bit jam in the big road, car parking line surrounding MBMB, no parking space around Jusco. Luckily we manage to find a parking place which is just beside Jusco. How lucky we are? ^^V

First when we step into Jusco, sure we need to settle our lunch first.

Long queue in McD.

Finally we end up having lunch at KFC.

The Cabonara (not sayonara k?) I ordered. Very little of amount and not nice at all. :P

Is time for shopping!

Baby in car. Thats how mother treat their children when come to shopping.

What guys do after girls paid for the goods.

And what we do while girls shopping.

Those stuff look like free!

Wohooo. Car exhibition.

That 'war' really tired me. I overslept and skipped the training that day.
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Choon Hong
I missed the chance of going back hometown to learn something new, something which benefit me and people around me. Just because of the mid term exam, I didn't expect mid term exam come that fast. Hope that will be another time soon. Nevermind. Second plan, go for BON ODORI 09!

Thanks God I'm always that lucky, able to get a seat although the bus is already full and go with my friends together. Our first stop at Times Square before head to Panasonic Stadium.

Our lunch at Sweetchat, the 2nd time I went. I think there will be 3rd time when I go for BookFest at the end of August.

Coloured water. :S

Mango Pudding


Almond Cream

Baked Vege

Chicken Pasties

Potatoes sup

Finally shopping and lunch time finished. We heading to Shah Alam now. Go Go Go!

Girls are so scary. See what they do behind us.

Crowd before evening.

The first photo we took with Japanese right after passing the entrance. See how 'efficient' we are.

They are praticing under hot sun.

Japanese Girl

Japanese Kids. The little boy behind look like wanna faint.

He want to treat me eat ice cream but I have my own drink.

They really like ice cream for hot day.

We didn't grab their ice cream of course. We buy ourselves.

Sushi King!

So many Unagi (O.O)

This two kids are not that shy.

Japanese Family

Squid. Taste so nice >.<
Our picnic...on football field

The night is coming. Of course, people are coming also.

The field. Already crowd with people.

Dust are in the air. Cough cough.

Last photo before going back.

*The place is showing magic. White shoe will become brown shoe there
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Choon Hong
Spent my weekend at Cyberjaya. Brought all my notes to there but end up read nothing. My study plan fail, I know I know.

Reach Cyberjaya at Friday night, overnight at friend house and the next day we plan to go Sunway Pyramid or The Curve. Last decision on Saturday noon, The Curve.

Transformers 2. Watch already lo.

A LRT breakdown.

IBM Plaza.I went before. =)

Finally we reach, need to have our brunch first. I suggest to have brunch at Bubba Gump. Kuet Tai, Wan Xin, Johnson and me are in, others are have their meal at other place. The price for the food at Bubba Gump is more on the expensive side. I wish to have my meal in that restaurant very long time already. Finally, I have enough "Kaki". Yes!

Bubba Gump. This restaurant is based on the idea from the movie, "Forrest Gump".

Gump House

The "Forrest Gump" movie is showing on the 32" LCD.

Mrs. Forrest photo and some decoration.

Bubba Gump have a special way to order food. We not need to call or ask the waiters to serve us. We just need to turn the board from "Run Forrest Run" into "Stop Forrest Stop", they will come to us when they pass by.

The front page of menu

Drinks menu on Ping Pong, special.

Take photo with it first. Haha.

We order the two set from the special selection menu. Well, lets see what we have here.


Garden Salad and Garlic Bread.

Main Course

BBQ Beef Back Ribs. This was really nice. The beef with the sauce, wao! really delicious.

Besides that, we also ordered "Shrimp Heaven" which I think it is worth and can let us try variety type of shrimp.

Shrimp Heaven (not in special selection menu). Those shrimp are fresh. Thumbs up for that.

Sauce and variety type of shrimp

Delicouusssss >.<


Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae and Mama's Best Strawberry Shortcake. Again, this is nice. Just the cookie to a bit hard to eat with spoon. Maybe they need to think some way to solve it.

Coffee ^^. One of my favourite drink. The taste is normal coffee taste. Nothing to comment.

Unique basin

Oh ya, almost forget I ordered a drink named "Lemon-Ups". (It is for kids actually, lol). Guess how much is the drink? I not gonna tell here, or else some of you may frighten by it, ask me personally.

My drinks, I end up bringing the glass back as sourvenir. Notice the Bubba Gump logo on the table? Nice angle of shooting, thanks to Wan Xin.

Paper bag of my souvenir. Got my favourite quote.

Taking photo with my favourite quote in the movie.
"Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you're gonna get."

After meal, it time for some walk in the mall. Kit Kat was having promotion there. One small Kit Kat selling at RM0.50 (Normal price RM1.20). Get one to bite.

The red shirts people claims that is the first people vending machine.

At night, we went to Putrajaya to have a walk to see the landscape there.

The view of the bridge from far. We went there, scroll down to have a look.

No camera? But, WHO CARES!?

Long time didn't take photo with Chuang Wen already.

The bridge I mentioned above. Beautiful bridge. I snap one ok?

The bulb is not spoil, it is a CCTV la.

Is time to back. We continue our activities.

Of course not forgetting to play Mahjong, finally we have enough 'Kaki'

Get to play pool again before back to Melaka

Don't flash me when I aiming the ball.

Ok. That definitely not my butt!
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