Choon Hong
The next day after the Kajang trip, I went to Low Yat Plaza at KL to shop for some IT stuff. They still have the 12 Zodiac mascot outside the entrance.

Rabbit is the main character

Another side of the mascot

Just when I was about to leave KL after paying the money at counter, Ah Tong called me and said he was on the way with Ah Khim to Pavillion and suggest we could have lunch together.

The big Baskin Robbins outlet in pavillion

This is what people called 'art'

We watched The Mechanic at GSC Pavillion after the lunch.

After that, we went to Petaling Street to walk and have our dinner.

We saw this signboard on the way to our destination. Ladies, becareful with your handbags.

The famous 'Lo Hon Go'

They call her 麻滋婆婆

Mua Chi 麻滋

Surprisingly the shops selling replica bags are now have a nicer appearance.

Our dinner, asam laksa in Petaling Street.
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Choon Hong
Wohooo! Finally my sem break started! On Sunday, I went to Kajang to gather with my ex-colleagues. They took me to have a try on the Spicy Soup which is well known in Kajang.

The shop we have our dinner

This is the spicy soup I am talking about.

You guys must think that spicy soup is red in colour and look like curry or tom yam isn't it? It is totally contrast with what I thought too.

The name of this dishes is 火爆猪, which mean 'angry pig'. I know, our phone have angry bird too.

This is soup, I have no idea why we use chopstick for. Just to show our hand.

Group photo.

Thanks Ken for bringing us the souvenirs from U.S.

Of course we won't forget to have another well known food in Kajang, which is Satay!

The satay shop we have our supper at.

The groundnut sauce for Satay

Chicken satay, duck satay, beef satay, lamb satay and fish satay.
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Choon Hong

I like commercial so much, it is just too funny. Hmm, I think I know his expression even he is covered under Vader's mask. XD
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Choon Hong
Happy Chinese New Year again! New year celebration haven't pass and CNY mood haven't fade away, but I already back to Melaka today. Guess this is the fastest post I ever update in this year. (Because I have final exams soon la). Alright, some photos I took during Chinese New Year.

Lion dance at neighbour house and I able to snap few of them with my 'shooting bird' zoom lens.

The lion climbed so high, but where is another 2 legs behind?

The lion suddenly realise "OMG! I have climbed so high! How I gonna get down?"

Luckily he got buddy to help him out. Even another 2 hands oso come out from mouth. XD

This lion even dare to play with firecrackers like kicking football in the field.

Of course not forget to 'stand up' during lion dance.

Eat fire crackers?

Oh ya, this year my neighbour's daughter become model.

*Did I said I screwed up my family photo taking because of my wrong setting? Yes, I did and definitely will remember this lesson. (Beating my heart, T.T)*

Final exams ganbatte!!!
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