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Ok guys, honestly this is another lagged post for this month. I went to Singapore to visit Universal Studio 2 weeks ago.

"Value Life. Act Responsibly." Look like Singapore government didn't forget the opportunity to educate his resident even in MRT station.

Shot from inside. We have not much time stay outside to take photo.

The Universal Studio Store.

Stop stalking, I am pointing the 'Hot' word on the popcorn truck.

Crazy Frankenstein that almost kills me.

Lollipop that equal the size of baby head.

Our lunch, the burger is nicer than burger from Restaurant M.

River side. I think that is my full dummy.

Some photos around the theme street.

Do not underestimate this building. They have an exciting game inside. Ma Ma Miaaaa~

This themepark is not open yet when we visit. Hope is not lion animal chasing game inside.

Not need to guess, this is the castle you saw in Shrek.

Ok, that is not Shrek in this photo.

Ghost house?

I snap this kid because he knocked me when playing the trolley.

Penguins brother in the souvenir shop. Move it! Move it!

Alright, group photo before going back.
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Choon Hong
I bet most of you found out I seldom update my blog recently. Yes, you are right, due to my laziness and busyness. But need not to be worry, I will update here soon as I have lots of photos to upload and lots to tell. See ya!
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Choon Hong
Recently I watched some funny video by 荃加福祿壽 that they 恶搞 using TVB drama series 义海豪情。

(Recommended to watch when moody)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4: 义海无情

I love the word Cho Lam said in part 1, "黎耀祥吾做戏,吾通做生意咩。" XD
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Choon Hong
Today is the day I celebrate my 21th anniversary for coming to this world. ^^

Here I wish,

1. World peace and free of disaster.
2. Family and friends healthy always.
3. Have good achievement on my studies.

So for those who read this post on 6-11-10, wish me before the clock strikes 12am!

Hmm...I will consider about it, give me some time.
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Choon Hong
We went to KL for Jogoya buffet few day ago. Talk about Jogoya, it is located in Starhill Gallery nearby Bintang Walk.

As some of you might asking why we go to Jogoya out of sudden? Well, Jogoya is currently doing promotion on 50% discount for female customer. So guys, if your mother, sister, girl friend or wife had nagged you for decades by asking you bring them to Jogoya for meal, this is a good chance. And of course until 15 December 2010 only.

Walk into Starhill and looking for Jogoya.

Somewhere near the toilet, I like the light so much.

They already start decorating for Christmas.

Peach tart, Pineapple tart, Apple tart and Chocolate tart

Lots of cookies! Yum!!

Variety of cake, I try none of them.

I don't have any idea why my friends eat so much Haagen Dazs

They have New Zealand ice cream too.

Big fish!

Our food on table

濑尿虾 sushi, very 腥。:S

They serve wine too. The red wine is....ahem.... not nice at all.

The table is full. Thanks to waiters and waitresses who help us take away the empty plates. If not they will become like this...

(photo taken during sushi king bonanza)

They have many types of steamed fish.

I still the fan of Muscato for white wine. =)

My dessert. Crunchy cookies! Tart, nono.

Never forget to relax after the meal.

By doing exercise.
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