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Time flies and 2009 is coming to the end. Here comes the last day of 2009 Hope those happy things and memories in year 2009 will preserve, those unhappy things will go away and discontinued in year 2010.

New year come with new hope, I have some wishes that I hope it will be fulfill in this coming new year.

I will spend my last day of 2009 and first day of 2010 in Genting. See you guys after 2 days.

Happy New Year!
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Choon Hong
Windy day again. 1 more subject to go, tomorrow at 2.30pm. Most of us are in holiday mood now. Thinking of hometown and holiday trips. Yet we still need to be test before going back for holiday.

Didn't manage to have a chance to take photo with any Santa Clause or Santa Rina this year, but I still hope I able to take photo with them before Christmas end.

Take out my Christmas hat from wardboard this morning, which only wear for one time in a year.(Some people may wear it when sleep, but I did not). Gonna wear this for Christmas celebration on 24th, awaiting the drama performance which is performed by them.

Merry Christmas! Santa Clause, Rudolph and Frosty are coming to town!
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Choon Hong
Exams will start tomorrow and end within one week.

Study is a must, eating is a must. A company of Cashewnut and Bueno while studying is a good choice.

And also a cup of Chrysanthemum tea. =)

Found my long keeped+almost forgotten Xmas tree.
Green Christmas?

Ganbatte everyone! See you all in exam venue!
(It is raining again ^^)
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Choon Hong
First of all this consider the last first post in December 2009. (Alright, I knew I lag many post in this 2 months.) Due to busy with studies and assignment. After assignment, it is going to be final exams. So I would like to say that, I will lag my post again.

Will update it when I have time. My final exams start this coming Saturday, which is 2 more days from now.
Study --->Forget ----> Study again, that is my situation now.
Oh no!

So I have to start working harder now, the time is getting lesser and lesser.

You dreaming of a white Christmas, don't you?

Weeeee~ Ops, big belly after buffet.

I can't wait for the Xmas celebration and Singapore trip after exam!

(A new year is yet to come)
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Choon Hong
Went to KLCC the next day after my birthday. Aquaria KLCC and Skybridge are the place.


Hawk mouth turtle, guess he is older than me.

Spider in it own web.

It is really beautiful view in the underwater world.

Shark with sharp teeth.

Don't be afraid. It is just the fish's nose and mouth.

Manage to take photo with the diver.

Sea turtle! He seem so relax while swimming.

Around 1 o clock something, we went to the Sky Bridge KLCC. My stomach already have a little bit hungry that time.

Well, I took many photos during the trip, but not much words to describe it.
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Choon Hong
6-11-2009. The day I turn from 19th to 20th. No more 19th >.<. And yes, I did have formal and unformal birthday celebrations. Thank you guys very much for the wishes from calls, sms, email, facebook, birthday cake, present!

20th years old now. Must work harder to achieve what I want.

You all did remember my birthdate. ^^

Opss. We left someone to shot this for us.
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Choon Hong
Hey people! What is the day for the last day of October? Is Halloween! This year I spent the Halloween at A Famosa for 3 days.

The decoration of entrance of Cow Boy town.

Pump pump pumpkins. The vege of Halloween.

Why his hands pose like that? He wan to fly?

Oh ya, we watched 2 nights of fireworks. The fireworks lasted for more than 3 minutes and they are so so so nice!

There are more than this... In my video. XD

It is really sleepy to wake up at 9 o clock morning for the free buffet breakfast.

See my eyes. You can only see a line. =.=

I wonder what will happen if someone drive this to MMU.

Alright, this is after our breakfast. Some cosplayers went back to change to their costume and gather at the entrance of Animal World Safari.

When the kids and their parents saw us.

Yes, some of us did freak the kids out. The yellow shirt one even cry when one of the cosplayer trying to approach him.

We did get free entrance into Animal World Safari. Weheee.

Erm... Are you sure this is Domestic RABBIT?

A row of mice crossing the rope.

With the Orang Utan.

See what see? Din see handsome guy before ar?

Let me introduce, this is what we called it as "Mount ASSverest". (Because it really look like an ass with something coming out, very geli :S) We will see it everytime we go to have our meal.

I tell you something, Santa Clause do have part time job beside the Christmas job in the year.

I recognize this... Santa's beard. I can recognize you even you had wear a mask.

Long sleeves clothes next time please, Santa!

At night, there are a gang of 'ghost' or 'monster' depart from the villa, to the Cow Boy town. Yeap, we went Cow Boy town twice. ^^

I side beside the mummy.
Mummy: Is it hard for you to breath?

This fella is the most successful one.

Taking photo with the stuff.

Of course we did spent some bucks for the game. Bumper car, cow riding, etc.

Ok, I wont say this is butt comparing.

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Choon Hong
Finally! That is No.7 and the last contour coca cola glass. Finally I completed the whole set today. All this had come to the end (for a moment). After dealing with 6 chocolate sundae and 1 strawberry sundae. Gonna stop having McD for 1 month until study week.

Sparking clear contour glass. They said it is exclusively in Malaysia only.

By the way, today is the opening day for McD at Melaka Mall.

The employee was giving gifts to kids and children. They looks so happy, I guess that is where "I loving it" comes from.

Bonus for McDelivery.

Don't MAD with them.

I just came back this afternoon, will update about Halloween celebration when I have time.
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Choon Hong
“原来我真的会被那些事影响。。。” A said.

“早知今日又何必当初?” B said.

“这个学期要加油!加多多油!” C said.

Guess what? Results released! A,B, and C are what I think when I see the results page.

There will be a sunny day after raining.
Sweet is waiting at the end of bitter.
I do believe.
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Choon Hong
Went back 4days before new semester begin. Many of you will be asking why I went back so early right? It is because I didn't went anyplace for trip as planned before sem break due to some reasons. I am so craving for a trip. So I went to.....

This place!

You can guess the name of the place from the landmark. If can't? I will tell you afterward, I promise.

Day 1

Meet this little friend at Siau Fei house. She was so 'zhuai', didn't even want to look straight to my camera.

To witness the temple fair of the place is one of the main reason I going there. The temple fair is celebrate for the birthday of 9th brother of God.

The fair began early around 6.30pm. The worker for the temple start to poke the iron stick on them who claimed being protected by God on their back, cheek, and arms.

Wao, dangerous!

This one is sword.

Sitting and waiting their friend. They were being patient.

They got make up!

Dancing dragon.

They are waiting the senator.

Finally at around 8 o'clock the senator arrived and they are allowed to start the ceremony.

斗母宫。Lots of fireworks.

Fireworks to the sky.

Fireworks and fire around the God's sedan. I think the God who sit inside also get frightened.

The boys look so tired. "Still have how long to walk?"

Light tube. Make me think of the light saber in Star Wars.

I think his suit and props are the best among all.

There are dance too.

Stilt walker

Day 2
Today we planned to go to Batu Pahat for lunch and a walk.

Have Rengit laksa and milo for breakfast before going out. We going out with Lu Yue's car.

These are our lunch.

"Kuey chap". It is famous in Batu Pahat.

I don't know how to call this dishes. It has 豆干,豆腐,卤蛋,肉干。

Lobak 卤肉。
*Lobak sounds like "carrot" in cantonese.

I skip the shopping part, as I didn't take much photo in Summit. We went to a place named "Touch fish", 摸鱼 after the walk in Summit. As first I was thought 摸鱼 just a name for a place, but out of expected, that place really got fish to touch.

Take photo first.

Take photo with Kirin =)

We touched these fish. The people said people who touched it from head to tail will have the luck for wealth. Faster touch + touch few time first. Pity those fish, being molest by tourist everyday, hope it won't get hungry angry and bite those tourists hands. =P

Taking photo with the 2 sisters in Batu Pahat. XD

Crystal Castle facing the sea.

"Heong Pia", Sesame bisuit from Tiger Head and SGT Teluk Intan. I saw them here! We are from same hometown leh!

Day 3
We went back today. New sem gonna start the next day. Holiday passed so fast!

At here we read "大柔佛" instead of "大霹雳"

Rengit famous curry rice.

Sleep sleep sleep

We have BBQ Steamboat at Carry On for dinner when we reach Melaka. I was so happy and ate many BBQ meat. Who knows, the next day early morning I woke up before of serious sore throat. Really 病从口入 lo...

Carry On. Syok ah.(I mean the time when we were eating till I was sore throat)

Have a walk at Jonker after dinner. Jonker was so quiet that day. I feel the street is wider now.

*Special thanks Siau Fei for accommodation, Xin Yee for food treating,
Lu Yue
for transportation while in Batu Pahat. ^^

Happy New Sem!
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