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Finally I managed to squeeze the time to have some update on this blog. I am in the classroom now (Ok, the class not started yet).

Just to take a chance to greet readers who visit my blog a

Happy New Year 2012!

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Choon Hong
Just back from my weekend class. Today, I had an interesting conversation with my classmates. We are talking about 'why we further our study on MBA'. Well, thanks to the answer from you guys who are the currently working in different industry and holding top management position and frontline position. The answer from you guess makes me have a clearer and solid decision on my choice to further my study right after my graduation in degree. It is a right choice!!!

You guys have not much time to study. Some of you sacrifice your personal time, social time, family time, and leisure time, just to study for MBA. You guys said it is only 1.5 years of time and willing to take the course and expecting tiredness, stress, busyness, due date.

These are the answer I got:
1. As a top management, you have to know everything about management, at least basic skill. You just can't hire profession and make them work. (From a CEO)
2. Previously I am engineer, but I don't know what they are talking about when meeting with managers. (From a manager who is just get promoted from engineer position)
3. Although now I am just working frontline, but I know I will work in management position in the future. (From an employee who is currently working at frontline)
4. Next time if want to promote people, of course they promote people with higher qualification la. (From an employee who is currently working at frontline)
5. I want to start my own business soon, it is necessary for me to know these thing, especially financial management and accounting. (From an software engineer)

As for me, I gonna start my own business within 5 years time. It is essential for me to equip with these skills. As a business owner, it is a must for me to know everything about management.

Although I have not much working experience to share, but the experience shared by you guys who are currently working really mean a lot to me.

Thank you very much guys!

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Choon Hong
It has been quite some time since my last post. Look below. Wao! I have not update my post for more than half year. Well, I am the owner of this blog, of course I choose when, what and how often my blog will be updated.

Anyway, just some updates about myself here. I was busying with outing, assignments and exams since February (after Chinese New Year). It is my last semester inMultimedia University. Finally, I am able to graduate in time. Thanks God! XD

Some of my graduation photos

Snapped during the ceremony. Boring~

Friends who help to shooting those photos below.
(Hey, that's not cosplaying, I am really graduated ok.)

My parents who support me unconditionally during the past 4 years.

Spot me!

I wonder how many of us get back the right hat after this

Look familiar? Do we watch this in Pirates of the Caribbean before?

Although we just jumped out from the cycle of study. I am going back into it again. Currently having my master course and there are tons of assignments and projects awaiting ahead. However, I can do it.

When will I return before this blog turns rusty and dusty again?
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Choon Hong
The next day after the Kajang trip, I went to Low Yat Plaza at KL to shop for some IT stuff. They still have the 12 Zodiac mascot outside the entrance.

Rabbit is the main character

Another side of the mascot

Just when I was about to leave KL after paying the money at counter, Ah Tong called me and said he was on the way with Ah Khim to Pavillion and suggest we could have lunch together.

The big Baskin Robbins outlet in pavillion

This is what people called 'art'

We watched The Mechanic at GSC Pavillion after the lunch.

After that, we went to Petaling Street to walk and have our dinner.

We saw this signboard on the way to our destination. Ladies, becareful with your handbags.

The famous 'Lo Hon Go'

They call her 麻滋婆婆

Mua Chi 麻滋

Surprisingly the shops selling replica bags are now have a nicer appearance.

Our dinner, asam laksa in Petaling Street.
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Choon Hong
Wohooo! Finally my sem break started! On Sunday, I went to Kajang to gather with my ex-colleagues. They took me to have a try on the Spicy Soup which is well known in Kajang.

The shop we have our dinner

This is the spicy soup I am talking about.

You guys must think that spicy soup is red in colour and look like curry or tom yam isn't it? It is totally contrast with what I thought too.

The name of this dishes is 火爆猪, which mean 'angry pig'. I know, our phone have angry bird too.

This is soup, I have no idea why we use chopstick for. Just to show our hand.

Group photo.

Thanks Ken for bringing us the souvenirs from U.S.

Of course we won't forget to have another well known food in Kajang, which is Satay!

The satay shop we have our supper at.

The groundnut sauce for Satay

Chicken satay, duck satay, beef satay, lamb satay and fish satay.
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Choon Hong

I like commercial so much, it is just too funny. Hmm, I think I know his expression even he is covered under Vader's mask. XD
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Choon Hong
Happy Chinese New Year again! New year celebration haven't pass and CNY mood haven't fade away, but I already back to Melaka today. Guess this is the fastest post I ever update in this year. (Because I have final exams soon la). Alright, some photos I took during Chinese New Year.

Lion dance at neighbour house and I able to snap few of them with my 'shooting bird' zoom lens.

The lion climbed so high, but where is another 2 legs behind?

The lion suddenly realise "OMG! I have climbed so high! How I gonna get down?"

Luckily he got buddy to help him out. Even another 2 hands oso come out from mouth. XD

This lion even dare to play with firecrackers like kicking football in the field.

Of course not forget to 'stand up' during lion dance.

Eat fire crackers?

Oh ya, this year my neighbour's daughter become model.

*Did I said I screwed up my family photo taking because of my wrong setting? Yes, I did and definitely will remember this lesson. (Beating my heart, T.T)*

Final exams ganbatte!!!
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Choon Hong
Well, there are 10 things I need to do before, during and after Chinese New Year

1. Buy new clothes - checked
2. Renew license - not yet
3. Buy pineapple cookies back to home - not yet
4. Study for final exam - checking
5. Submit FYP for hard cover binding - checked
6. Wash car - not yet
7. Try not to play till next day morning - not yet
8. Drink more water because I expected I will eat many 'ba gua' during CNY - checking
9. Bring cookies back to Melaka. - not yet
10. Come back Melaka on third day of CNY - T.T

And I have to study even during Chinese New Year because my final exam start on the 5th day of Chinese New Year. >.<

Anyway, I still wanna wish you guys a

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Choon Hong
Final exam is around the corner. Study day and night a compulsory thing to do in this period. However, here are what I do for making this to study week instead of study weak.

Chinese New Year is coming but our exam date are arranged around that time

My snack for this period

Of course some beverage to drink after eating those heaty snacks

Bought some books to read when I feel boring in the middle of study

And not forget some chocolates, Hershey's chocolates.

Study is about absorbing knowledge and getting better results. =)
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Choon Hong
I have been busy with my final year project, assignments and some presentation recently. Good news is I passed up my FYP on Monday and also the last assignment on Thursday. Now I only have 2 more presentation, which is FYP presentation and BSM presentation. (Oh nooooo, FYP presentation)

Don't bother it first, here some update of the food I ate recently.

Grilled stuff in Melaka Raya. This plate costed RM34.50. Anyway, Johor Bahru grilled stuff is still better than Melaka. I know I start missing Johor Bahru food again.

This year is the bunny a.k.a rabbit year for Lunar year. Look, those rabbit are so cuteeee!

Founded a nice snack, vietnamese popiah in Chinese New Year Extravaganza in my campus. This is the first time I try this food and yes, it is nice.

Went to old newton to have dinner on...(forgot which day already)

Grilled chicken wings

Kuih. I brought them and eat in GSC. =þ

Portugese grilled fish and squid. Syok ah!

Carrefour's mandarin orange's box Twin tower.

Grilled squid in Wazen.

Decoration in Aeon. I want to take with it so badly. Next time I gonna take photo with it.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I haven't buy clothes. >.<. Gonna be fast! Hope can get them next week.
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