Choon Hong
Saturday should be a nice day. Woke up with some sweat suddenly. Not because of nightmare. No no... My fans stop,my computer shut down, my toilet no light. No electricity!!! Oh no, how I spend my day? Luckily received a call from Soon Aik saying we are going out to town because Hue Min friends has come. No electricity means can't study at home, go town play. Cantik!

Look like got people want to steal the traffic light? The motorcyclist on the right side was very brave, block the road, like not scare will hit by the car.

1 curi, 1 jaga? Together they cooperate to achieve the 'project'.

We have our lunch at Hoe Kee chicken rice ball. So many people queuing. When we see the A Famosa chicken rice pity..... no people queue for it. Who ask your chicken rice ball not nice?

After lunch we went to Mahkota and Dataran of course. Didn't buy much thing there, just spend few bucks for some snacks. At night we went to Jonker again to eat rendang, baba laksa and cendol. Slurrppp!

Jonker Street

I finally know why there is a hole on the middle of the bench. See below.

This is the function. It is for human and umbrella.

The Eye on Malaysia may be the next attraction for the Melaka tourists. Here we go.

The only and nicest view from Eye On Malaysia so far.

Do Re Mi.

And finally supper time has come! Satay Celup~

No mood study la.... Wondering when the mood will come. Erm erm erm....
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Choon Hong
Okay, let me start with the Christmas Eve. I went to a church in Cheng to join the Christmas party. They are many nice performance, so bad that I can't upload the video here because the video clip I recorded was quite big size. Beside that, saw many MMU students there, there are two bus depart from Ixora to the church.

My Xmas hat! Hoho.

The leather key chain I got, it is Rabbit!

Tree of Wishes, one of them is mine! Hope my wishes will come true. ∩‿∩

For RM12, you can have a wish card, leather key chain as a gift, nice food, nice performance and two way travel. It is worth for it. I didn't go to Portugese Settlement this year because I had been there last year and 100% gurrantee will packed with people.

The stage

Ah Tong and Me after the countdown.

Merry Christmas!

Soon Aik and Me.

Group photo. Yea!

They say cannot sit on it wor...

Then yesterday is Christmas day. We didn't plan to go to town although it was holiday, know the road must be jam(everytime world's public holiday will be like that). Guess the same situation will happen when new year. We went to Jusco to have McD, but it was full with people. Then we move to Sushi King there where it is lesser people. We manage to get the seats within 5 minutes.

My Xmas meal.

Bought 2 books in Popular after the meal. RM62 gone from my wallet. The books are getting expensive now.

Going class soon. Guess many of my friends will not attend, they still in Christmas holiday mood. Lol.
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Choon Hong
Was walking back after took my breakfast. Saw an incident near the back gate entrance.

Walao eh!!! The big tree cracked! Luckily no car, no people, no animal, no plant down there.

So geng?

The wind was so strong today(Didn't realize that, I hear my friends said la.)

Christmas eve is coming~ Wish all my friends enjoy the Christmas celebration, get the nice presents and have big Christmas meal. Merry Christmas!
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Choon Hong
I went to Klang Valley again within 24 hours. There was a Comic Fiesta held in Sunway Pyramid. Not bad, the comic fiesta this time is bigger than last year, more nice cosplayer and more doujin booth.

Santa with
green clothes?

The stage with 3 red Christmas tree. Very nice!

The ceiling decoration

I didn't miss the chance to take photo beside
red Christmas tree.

Here we reach Comic Fiesta entrance, hanging outside for a while after we get the ticket.

Nice 'hands', Dr.Octopus!

Syok Sendiri?

Some IT booth at the right side, selling desktop, blank CD and DVD.

You thought that is a big black durian?

No! That is a big land mine!

Wei, don't block my way la.

The toilet is that side la, bodoh.

After that, I went to the Doujin side, bought some badges. The area is strictly no photo taking to protect the doujin art works. So... no photo la. You expect me to break the rules?

The last part of the Comic Fiesta.

Death Note figure. Think to have one, but very expensive.

Hmm...Thinking for something. I don't know what should I do.

I like this among them.

Actually they are much more cosplayer and figure photo. I only choose the best among them to upload.

Finish watching and walking in the hall already. Is time for shopping!

Caroling on the stage, can hear their singing from far.
Nice carol.

Baby Grand Piano. The bench got a board - "Kindly Do Not Sit". They want the player to stand on the bench when playing the piano?

Another stage, more like kid style.

Got bench, sit a while first.

They are performing on the ice. Didn't have much time for ice skating this time, I promise I will do that next time.

Another Christmas tree at Pyramid tower hotel.

"I will be home for Christmas". The girl voice was so sweet.

Christmas tree at another stage.

Hohoho! Hello! Here we meet again Santa!

You smoke, you get wrinkles.

Still have about 2 hours, after having some pretzel at Auntie Anne. Go back to walk again.

Very long, don't know how many people had drew on it.

They are from MMU. My division head and assistant.

This team not bad.

Here I saw 2 amazing cosplayer. Their costume are so nice.

And a funny target. See his action also feel like laughing.

There was raining while we waiting for the bus. Listening to the rhythms of falling rain. I am waiting................
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