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30th Night
I dinner at my uncle house as they are having steamboat for the reunion dinner. After the dinner, was the birthday celebration for niece Ka Yi, my cousin purposely bought an jelly cake from KL and driving all the way down to Teluk Intan.

Bear shape birthday cake. Made by whole jelly.

[My nephew] Don't touch! Don't eat!

Come, see here~

Lets cut the 'cake'. Arrrrr

So small already start to play handphone.

At 10pm, we have a gathering of secondary school friend in Al-Fresco to discuss the birthday celebration for our friends, Loo Yee and Ai Ling. At there, I met some 'long time no see' friend and 'one year see one time' friend.

Ice Mocha

Unexpectedly, Loo Yee and Ai Leng really shocked of that surprise. And this have to thanks for the one who planned it. Lol.

Happy Birthday Loo Yee!

Many of us, having fun until 5am in the morning. Still, we are not tired.

1st Day

As usual, we reserved the 1st day of Chinese New Year to visit our relatives. With less than 4hours, woke up at 9 o clock. Have small amount of breakfast. Is time we go again!

Morning baby

Pacman biscuits? Of course not! That is fortune cookies.

There is a message for me.

The naughty kid yelled at me while I trying to snap his photo.

At afternoon, is time for me to have fun with friends again. Visiting, playing cards, drinks, eat, bla bla bla

Wines are not neglected during CNY.

2nd Day
Finally it comes! The rhythm of dancing lions! From my neighbour's house! This year it come a day later compare to last year. It woke me up and I dragging my body out to watch the dancing lion show.

Dancing lion, played by my secondary school junior.

Deng deng deng! Plucking vege

Double Lions

Hey lion, do you know playing that kind of fire cracker is illegal? Still play till so syok.

Nice lion head.

Going to leave, bye bye.
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Choon Hong
I know some of you are waiting for my blog update. But, you all still have to wait. Lol. I will update it all 'sekaligus' when I back to Melaka on Saturday.

Be patient. Sabar lahhhhh =P

next up: during CNY
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Choon Hong
The results for this sem is unsatisfactory, make me have the insomniac last night. Woke up 12 something this morning. Think to have McDonalds breakfast right after wake up, but it already over 11 o clock. So I decided to have my meal at another place.

Went to one of the stall in front of the house in Jalan Woo Saik Hong. This stall is well known in among the residents in Jalan Woo Saik Hong. The stall owner being called 'Ah Sou' by people. The stall is famous with its curry.

The curry hor fan I ordered. Really delicious!

Mummy said she want to eat laksa. So I 'da bao' (take away) a pack of laksa from Lo Hon Go for her when I back. Lo Hon Go is a famous place for the resident in Teluk Intan. It is famous with its laksa, mee rebus, ice kacang, hawaai and some other ice desserts.

There was many people that time as that time is lunch time. I waited about 15 minutes.

The place they prepare the food.

They also sell some fruits and jelly.

The decoration of the stall.

Counting down for Chinese New Year! It is reunion day tomorrow.

Wish you all have a prosperous and wonderful Chinese New Year!
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Choon Hong



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Choon Hong
Woke up at 1 o clock something yesterday. Plan to have Rojak(mixed fruit) after my brunch. It was a hot sunny day.

Rojak Ah Chai is located accross the road of my primary school. So I told my mum I will fetch my youngest brother from school after having rojak.

Here is the Rojak Ah Chai stall. No fan no air cond, but I didn't feel so hot.

This is the main character, Rojak. Inside have crispy prawn cracker and it is nice to eat together with the rojak sauce. Yum! It is good to have a chilled coconut drinks together with rojak.

The total for rojak and coconut drinks together is RM3.50. But this meal costs me RM18.50 after included the "tax". Guess what? I forgot the parking slot opposite San Min primary school need to scratch coupon. So get 1 'salmon' from MBTI lo. Hai yo....
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Choon Hong
The clock strike at 12. Stomach got a bit hungry now, it is time for super supper! Hmmm, think to have char kuey tiao, but that is heaty and I just recovered from fever, didn't want to get the second time. >.<. Ok la, I go to buy one of the famous food in TI ----> Deng deng deng, Chee Cheong Fun!

No one in Teluk Intan doesn't know this.

It was 12 something when I heading back after buying the supper. The town was jam and it is really very hard to see a jam after 11 o'clock. I just find a parking go down to buy something.

You see the road......

And the entrance of The Store

From the information of my friends who work there, The Store operate 38hours continuously since 17 Jan 10.00a.m. That is the first time I hear it.

God of fortune balloon statue

The bicycle laksa is what I saw after finish buying. Bought 1 packet back to eat since the smell is so nice. That mean I have chee cheong fun and laksa as supper already, a bit worry. :S

See the polices beside there? They also have to OT to ronda the town.

On the way driving back to home, I can see new opened Mcdonalds from far.

I reach home finally. After keeping chocolate and orange juice into the fridge, is time to start eating!

The chee cheong fun not only look good, but also taste good. Don't say I boast la, you see yourself.

Delicious leH! Yum yum!
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Choon Hong
I still not feel this is a happy holiday for me so far. Getting ill on the way I coming back and soon turn to be high fever. Oh gosh! That is really suffer man! Feel like having winter season around me. It is just like what my friends who study oversea feel, I can feel how cold are them now. Jacket, blanket, hot water, pills..........Even have to care my mouth also, cant eat heaty food and control myself not to play computer. Luckily all this has gone yesterday. And now to the world: I AM BACK! Wahahaha!

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Choon Hong




第一:被點者請在自己的 BLOG裏寫下答案
第三:傳閱人‘請在于這十位當中鬥留言版’ 告知他(她) 被點名了
第五:被點者‘請注明被誰點暸’ 在哪接到‘在傳給下十位’
第六:這些被點名者’ 你們被點會得到祝福‘並且願望會實現’ 也會得到幸福

幸福套餐 NO.1 ♥
1. 你的綽號 : Hong
2. 年齡 : 19
3. 生日 : 06/11/1989
4. 星座 : 天蝎座
5. 興趣 : 吃好料,睡觉,发呆,Shopping,SMS ,MSN 聊天,拍照,看书,看美女
6. 專長 : 享受,找好吃的地方,讲话

幸福套餐 NO.2 ♥
1. 你有沒有喜歡的人? : 有
2. 是否在交往? : 应该没有
3. 現在幸福嗎? : 父母疼我,弟妹爱我,朋友关心我。幸福吗?
4. 如果上天給你勇氣,最想做什麽事? : 当面跟家人說我愛你,给他们一个拥抱
5. 如果有天,你愛的人跟你告白的話? : 如果是自己也爱的人跟自己告白当然是好啦,想就觉得很幸福呢

幸福套餐 NO.3 ♥
1. 點你的人是 : Mandy
2. 他是妳的 : 我的朋友
3. 他的個性? : 很友善几下咯, 又几会演戏很多下咯
4. 認識他多久? : 一年多
5. 你覺得他怎樣? : 跟人家有很多的话题可以聊,跟人很合得来,很友善
6. 你想對他說什麽 : 谢谢你成为我的朋友,多一个朋友就等于少一个敌人。要保持连络。

幸福套餐 NO.4 ♥
1. 最愛的節目 : Hong Kong drama, Japan drama, 我猜我猜我猜猜猜
2. 最愛的音樂 : 歌词有意思和旋律好的音乐我都喜欢
3. 最愛的季節 : 春天和冬天
4. 最愛的卡通 : Dragon Ball, Death Note,Transformer
5. 最愛的人 : 我的家人, 我的朋友
6. 最愛的顔色 : 橙色,红色, 蓝色
7. 最愛的國家 : 巴黎, 香港, 日本
8. 最愛的天氣 : 凉凉的,没有太阳的时候又有一点点风

幸福套餐 NO.5 ♥
1. 如果上天給你三個願望 :
a) 世界和平
b) 认识的人(当然包括家人)身体健康
c) 保密
2. 你是很專一的人嗎 : 我觉得我是
3. 最深刻的回憶 : 有开心的(和家人或好朋友在一起)也有伤心的(成绩不好等等),最深刻最不想记起的事情却又偏偏不能忘记的也有
4. 你是個很有信心的人嗎? : 这得看对什么事
5. 你很愛微笑嗎? : 一天应该有超过50次的微笑(对朋友和对事的微笑)
6. 如果你要放棄你現在的生活,你願意嗎? : 肯定不願意
7. 妄想什麽樣的生活 : 可以跟家人健健康康地永远在一起生活
8. 是否橫刀奪愛才是愛 : 不知道

點名名單:Ashley Yoh, Chien Leng, Hua Kang, Hue Min, Ming Ping, Wei Lun, Win Naa, Ye Pin, Yong Cheng

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Choon Hong
Ok. Let you all know what I had did after my final exam. By the way, the Tennis paper totally freaks me out. Went to Sushi Ya and ordered many food that we haven't try before. Guess what? I have the coupon worth RM100. Wahahaha. *evil laugh together with the evil winks*

"Some" of the food we had ordered.

Tako Sashimi (my favourite!)

酱烤鸡肉 (not 这样烤鸡肉)

Sashimi (don't know what name), got Salmon leh!

Can feel it is tasty. Yum yum

酱烤鱼干 (something like dried meat, but that is fish instead of chicken and pork)

King Prawn (alamak -.-", this make me sweating la, so small being called King Prawn ka?)

Unexpected this restaurant got Sakae. Ordered the cold one.


This little umbrella come together with the Macha Ice Cream. It has many function you know?

Below is one of the example.

You can use for this. (Shhh....Picture took without being noticed)

The jelly.

Carrefour have been decorated.

Taking photo while waiting them to try the clothes.

The stage of Dataran Pahlawan

The stage of Mahkota Parade

Have this plate of roasted duck and BBQ pork rice from one of the famous shop of roasted meat in Batu Berendam. The look is not bad. I know it is not so nice compare to my hometown one when my tongue communicate with it.

But what can do? Dinner at 9 o clock.
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