Choon Hong

Japanese Culture Week is coming soon!!!!!!

Here we have Japanese Language Fair that going to be held from

1st Feb to 5th Feb 2010,

so let's see what we have for the week =)

1st Feb: Cooking Workshop

-referring to the menu above, we have two sets of delicious Japanese food to be taught during the workshop, choose your favourite set and learn to cook it with us!!!^^

(Set 1: RM19 & Set 2: RM16)

2nd Feb: Origami and Furoshiki Workshop

-origami is the art of paper folding, you will learn to fold and understand why it has now become a beloved artform for people around the world!

-Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, it is used for gift wrapping or grocery shopping. =)

(RM 4 per person)

3rd Feb: Yukata Workshop

- Yukata is the Japanese summer cotton kimono worn by man and women. In yukata class you will learn how to wear it and tie yukata belt (Obi) that will be wrapped around the waist wear with the yukata. Photo will be given to each participants to prove the great learning experience you went through! =)

(RM4 per person)

4th Feb: Sewing Workshop

-this is a new workshop of Japanese doll sewing, the class will include some instructions on the sewing patterns too. Here's your great chance to make your own keychain Japanese doll!^^

(RM 6 per person)

5th Feb: Japanese Conversation Workshop

-Join Japanese Conversation Workshop just with RM2! We have Japanese teacher in this workshop to help students to be more confident in Japanese speaking as well as learning more about the language and Japanese culture!

-Here we have a session for those who have no basics in Japanese and another session for those who have basics in Japanese;)

All sessions:

Session 1: 6.30p.m.- 8.00p.m.
Session 2: 8.30p.m.- 10.00p.m.

Sri Ruby@ Seminar Room at 3rd floor of Plaza Siswa, Multimedia University, Malacca.

*Feel free to visit our booth at CLC concourse. =)
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Choon Hong
I lag my post again. Lol. In finance we used to lag the payment when we expected the home currency is expected to be weak. But I lag my post due to lack of time.

31st Dec 09
There is another trip waiting me after my Singapore and Johor Bahru trip. Which we called 'count down trip'. Long time I had not travel together with my secondary school buddy, I manage to join this time.

Our countdown destination, Genting Highlands!

Let me introduce the most attracting banner in Genting (that attracts all human eyes)

See the percentage? Is 70%! Vomit blood discount :d~~

I don't know how to call this person.

Our first photo after checked in.

Our last lunch in year 2009, Kenny Rogers

Hot caramel milk, it is just a bit too sweet.

This statue is weird.... =.=

Dude, it is new year now, not Halloween anymore.

We went to see the grand opening of glow in dark bowling before going to countdown.

Glow in the dark bowling.

Crazy clown. Lol! Beep beep!

Saw something unexpected on wall when on the way to outdoor.

Practise makes prefect. (This theory apply on almost everything)

Almost 12am, I can say the place is really packed with human. We are sardin-ed and sandwich-ed. >.<

So pack until I don't know where am I.

Like going to protest..

We went out right after the countdown. Luckily no one is getting flat.

Everyone tired face?

Have something to bite and drink after the countdown is really nice. ^^

Well, activities is not going to end so soon. We gather in a room and chit chat until 4am something.

Take group photo in the middle of the night. Is 3am something, all still so excited, but I can see some eyes are =.=

1st Jan 2010!
Is new year! Sleep less than 2 hour and wake up at 7am to meet Ah Hoe, my friend who just finished his works in Casino. It has been years I didn't see him.

I am hungry after we chat a while and he bring me to a hidden place for breakfast.(I call it hidden place because we need to pass carpark before we reach there)

Thanks Ah Hoe for the hot 'ju yok fan' in the cold morning. (The porks are nice)

Checked out from first world at 10pm and we go to Mid Valley for a walk before the movie start in the evening.

The Christmas decorations are still there.

Our first lunch in year 2010 at Ohsushi Mid Valley.

My tempura bento. Long time I didn't eat tempura already.

Saw a ridiculous stuff when shpping in Mid Valley.

A lens that cost 60k! :0 OMG!
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Choon Hong
After say goodbye to 2009, today I say goodbye to my comic. Some of them accompanied me since year 1998. :'(

Mum remind me something when I am ready to go out. It is about my comic which are not reading and currently taking some place. She suggest me to bring to the used book and magazine store at Ipoh to sell.

"Happy Happy" and "Happy Dragon" comic magazine. Which I start collect since standard 6. (Ah Tong, if you are reading this, you definitely know this comic. The comic we bought when standard 6 school trip. We remember we bought it because it is thick enough and only cost Rm4.50. Lol, feel really funny when thinking back about this.)

Start collect since issue mid year 2001 until mid of year 2009. 9 years, is not a short time.

My favourite Dragon Ball comic, collect since standard 2, which all are in Malay language version (that time didn't have Chinese version).

Also there are some collection of Sailormoon, Doraemon, Digimon, Pokemon comic (apa "mon" pun ada).

All the comic that I let go. Goodbye forever my comic :'(
Hope the new owners will take good care of you.
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Choon Hong
It is 2010 already! (I suppose to say this 5 days ago, Lol) This gonna be my first post for this new year, it is all about the trip I went before 2010 and after 2009.

*Warning : You are reading a long post with more than 40 pictures!

By the way, I will update about Christmas celebration next time (I left those photos at Melaka)

26th Dec 2009
We reached Singapore around 2.30PM. Of course we take MRT as our transport.

Xin Yee, I know you want to kill me with scissor once I reach Singapore.

Waiting for bus also.

We have a chance to take photo with the white Christmas tree at Bugis Junction. Yen Eng was holding the camera.

Mickey in the cage!

Bling Christmas tree.

Christmas trees in iLuma. We have white, red and green Christmas here. ^^

Met some cosplayers of Naruto when we go to have dinner.

Manhattan mocha at Manhattan Fish Market. Need a cup to relax before continue the journey.

Durian Pancake after the dinner. See my expression you shall know it is delicious.

Christmas tree at Orchard Road

Those decorations are still there!

All are same except I'm in red. :þ

27th Dec 2009
The day we back to Johor Bahru. Went to 'visit' Singapore National Library before we back.

This is so called "karang kuni"

Singapore Laksa?

Some people driving Mercedes, some people cycling, some people walking. This is world.
Saw some bicycle parking at road side. I realize I did not cycle for a long time already.

There are many delicious snacks.

This looks nice and beside that also.

Fries Hotdog. Must be very full after eat. =.=

Although I have mild sore throat, but I just can't resist the temptation of those food, finally I bought a tornado potato. ^^


Yaki stuff

Fish cake


The model looks delicious, just the real one not that delicious.

We bought puff!

^^ I want you to be HAPPY =)

IQ test: Guess which fruit is ready for harvest in Orchard?

Yea, is Mango! With 50% discount!

It come from exercises I think.

28th Dec 2009
We went City Square, Sutera Mall and Danga Bay today.

Saw this Pikachu at City Square.

Big snow man

Mickey Mouse outside Sutera Mall :þ

Christmas cards made by primary school students.
Some of them are really nice, can I have one?

The girl gonna become fat if I give her this bunch of 'flower'.

Eh? 安顺香饼 selling here!

The snowman not yet melt yet?

Taking photo with winner of the day.

Went to Danga Bay, but just for a while.


29th Dec 2009
The last day staying at Johor Bahru in 2009. Went to largest Jusco in Malaysia(currently).

No pork or No Dog?

Yes, I have stone grill food as my lunch.

Look at the meat, look at the smoke.

We have a green tea ice cream after hanging out at Harris book store. Unbelievable I still able to find the book that is half year ago in this book store.

It melt easily.

Eh!? The ice cream 空心 one?

You may ask if I bought any souvenir in this trip? I did.

The Dinasour music box from Muji, very unique. (It cost me RM56, of course unique la)


See what happened!!!!!????

Next post: Between 2009 and 2010
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