Choon Hong
Went Muar right after woke up today. Well, don't ask me how to reach the place below, as I was sleeping all the way because of tired.(Slept at 6 o'clock in the morning the day before)

We went to have Asam fish at 喜燕楼 in Muar. Guess the resident there should be familiar with that as I was told this restaurant is famous.

First dishes, otak otak

Fried squid, my favourite

"Smelly bean"(translate directly to chinese, thanks). My mum can cook much more better than this, gonna ask her to cook when I back. =D~~

Sambal squid. Again, my favourite.

O-jian, which mean oyster with egg

The main dishes, asam fish. More sour than expected, but less spicy as expected.

After eat, of course is time to walking around in mall since the weather was so hot. We went Wetex.

Of course, we will feel thristy after walking. See what I found here.

Elephant bean -.-"
Coffee bean and Mr.Bean I know la. Never heard of Elephant Bean before. So I suggest we go there to have a try...on its coffee.

Well, the coffee shop was not bad. The environment is good. They selling variety of cheesecake there, just like secret recipe style. Ordered one cheese tart as it was recommended by the manager there.

The appearance is great. Just the taste that make me say 'no'. It doesn't have enough cheese taste(or I should say no cheese as I couldn't sense any cheese) in it, I just feel cream inside.

Alright, for sure I will try the coffee of this coffee shop. I ordered a unique type of coffee made by so-called 'Elephant Bean coffee' and it is espresso type (mean the coffee will made with 100% coffee bean,without cream and sugar) , just wanna see what is the bean taste.

I satisfy with the coffee taste. It was awesome. Just I am not so used to espresso taste, it is just too bitter for me. Added some sugar.

Next, we went to a park where we can see the river. Ops, not the place below one, this can see monkey only.

More orange?

All monkeys regroup!

So many monkey, of course we move to another park lo. We went to have a rojak before we walk to the park.

The rojak still not as good as Teluk Intan rojak. No prawn cracker and no/not enough belacan.

Racing park, car for rent. It is legal.

We can see the kindergarten kids chasing around happily here.

Luckily the kids are not naughty, the adults still able to control them.

Quoted from Transformers 2.

Before we have our proper dinner, we went to have the famous 生鱼米粉 (Fish bee-hon).

The fishball was nice, just the fish meat seems little.

Ok guys, our dinner time has come. We went to Sabak Awor to have some Ikan bakaaarrrrrrr.

Variety of seafood.

Nasi lemak

Sambal squid. Oh gosh, I already ate many squid today. Worrying the colesterol. :S

Ikan bakar

Lala. Don't worry, wont become la la chai after you eat.

I thought I will end my day after back from Muar. I was wrong, we went to watch movie. Again? Already 3 days I continuous visiting the cinema.

Selfish driver who park the car in 2 parking slots.

Thats all for today. Continue outing tommorrow.
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Choon Hong
Ok guys, let you know what I did for the last 2 days after the day of Finance and Japanese exam. A short break for me to breath.

Watched Terminator 1,2 and 3.
There are some scene in episode 2 that made me touched. Now waiting for Terminator Salvation that will show on 28th May 2009 (Others country in cinemas on 21th May, why here so slow?)

And also

X Men 1, 2, and 3


The Handsome Suit

Still think to watch Star Trek but it gonna that much more time as Star Trek have 6 episode before the latest one.

That is what I will do besides reading when the mood for study is not coming yet. =)
The sweet moment is about to come, last subject for us. Work hard for the last subject this sem, my friends!
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Choon Hong
It is exam week. Gonna challenge 7 subjects in 10 days. Unfortunately my table fan stop working. This gonna make me suffer from the hot weather. Oh no! How I gonna concentrate on my studies for exam?

Luckily the weather this few days is not as hot as the weather last few week. If not I really become roasted pig. (Yes, I know it is delicious, but I don't hope I will be that)

Just remember I bought a strong wind USB fan in PC Fair recently. Yea man, now I gonna use it! I not sure why I bought this fan last time, maybe just for fun since it's wind was so strong.

My new fan that accompany me when I sleep in afternoon and night

Gonna move into new house soon~
*Hope didn't have Nodame in the new house*
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Choon Hong
Labour Day
Well, it was labor day. Although we are not labor yet, but we also enjoy the benefits of holiday, together with the labour. Didn't go anywhere at afternoon as we all know there will be a terrible jam in Melaka. Keep waiting for the dinner time to come as we plan to go eat Ikan Bakar at Alai.

However, this is what we saw when we reach. Fulled parking slots, crowded places, food desperated people.

The place was full when we reach, waited for few minutes and luckily we get the seat.

Is time to choose the 'fishes'

Squid almost finish and also crabs.

Our basket contained big prawn, squid, fish.

Udang bakar

Sotong Bakar

Sotong goreng sambal

Thumbs up for the dishes I mentioned above. But the roasted fish (not inside the photo) was totally disappointing me. It was like a black charcoal. >.<

Notice a funny board when we are leaving. Wonder if the cows could understand it?

2nd May
This satay stall located at Tampin and open at midnight. Went here after few hours later of our Ikan Bakar dinner.

Many people.

Pork satay

She looks professional in roasting satay

Still have char kuey tiao stall beside.

This is only the starter, we end up 3 times than this.

Closer look

Even closer. Golden yellow~

8th May
Within one week, I went into another round of satay again. This was because my stomach keep bugging me that he is hungry while I doing revision in library. And satay come across my mind.

This is the 1st time I went there. The first sight I saw the satay they roast, I already know these satay are nice. Futhermore, the place was full with people, makes me more confidence of what I thinking.

The place is still full until we left.

Chicken, beef, and cockle.

Ops, almost forget ketupat

It is nice to have a ice kacang while having satay in hot day.

Ice Kacang, nicer than MMU corner, cheaper than my hometown.

Even small kids also like to eat.
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