Choon Hong
Marketing exam is coming soon. Before that, still have one event to go. That is MMU social night, Semblance. Wake up in the morning and gather at MMU to go to set our hair.

Team Hair help us to set the hair. See my eyes, you will know I am not enough sleep the night before.

The back part of my hair, purple color.

The ball room

Renaissance chandelier

Bread and Bun of Renaissance cafe

The theme of the night

Various type of salad. I guess they tastes good.

Nice desserts

Kee Weng and me

Joshua and Me

The participants

The emcee of Semblance

Here comes the programme of that night.

Dynamic dance performance

With my division members on our table

Nice singing performance

Fashion Show

Vick Teo

Magic Show performed by Chase Lew

Dance session. Only waltz, no cha cha?

Take a photo before went up to the dance floor again

Let's dance!

The dance floor are getting crowded, mission accomplished. Is time for us to get out from the dance floor lo.

Prince and Princess of social night

Best dresser

The night end with the singing of "Permata Dunia" by all committee

The night end at 12 something, after the participants left the ball room. Our time has come! It is committee photo session!

Semblance Committee

With emcee

Programme division

All Committee

A good experience =)
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Choon Hong
Just 1 week after PC Fair, I went to KL again. This time is to help Ming Ping to choose the 'organ' and parts to assemble my 3rd 'son'. Ok, just skip the part we buying those stuff in Low Yat.

My mission for this time is go for the Yaki Yaki Japanese Buffet restaurant for a try. The result is, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Although it is hot when facing the stove, but that is the only way to have meal at there. Not all photo are being taken because both of us are busy eating. (time is limited and food are too many too choose)

BBQ. The lamb sausage is juicyyyyyy! :D~~

Argentina Squid, satisfied with the size.

Sirloin Beef

Five flavor sauce, Honey Wasabi Sauce, Apple BBQ Sauce

Milk foamed cappucino

Almost all desserts in those Japanese buffet restaurant are nice. We kept trying those jelly.

Red Bean Green Tea jelly

Tissue pack I think, took this as my "souvenir"

Longan pudding, peach jelly

Small coconut (it is good to have a coconut for BBQ and Seafood)

Red Bean Coconut Milk jelly

Tempura prawn. I din't see crab tempura like mention in other blogs. -.-"

The stove. Hot until my face getting red.

Green tea and chocolate ice cream

Sweet potatoes


Peach & Herbs jelly

Cutted fruits, nothing special here. Hehe.

The food there are all ok. Although I didn't manage to try all the food there, it was a good try. =)
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Choon Hong
Sushi King members day come again. As a sushi lover, of course we didn't miss out the chance for this promotion. We went for 2 days during the 4 days promotion.

13 April
The first for sushi king card members day promotion. We thought we have the 'early bird' benefits today, but....

This is how less we ate. Ordered 2 new dishes in the menu, one of them costs me 11 bucks.

I have to order from the venue to fill my stomach as there are not many variety sushi for choice.

Almost all the same.

16 April
Sushi King last day promotion. We try our luck again and this time....

Wohoo! Tempura sushi, ate 2 plates.

Tempura sushi also, look nice and taste nice, first time I eat.

Tamgo sushi

Chuka Idako sushi

There are also Unagi, Kurage, tako sushi which is not in the pictures.

Below is the results of that day.

Plate still keep 'growing up'. My K850 already 'pengsan' at there when he saw the plates so high.

Walao! The total plates are almost 3.5 times than the first day.

Wanna broke lo! T.T
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