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It is weekend again, the 2nd weekend of my Gamma 1st sem and the 2nd weekend in my new house. Grab some time to update my blog. Lets see what I bought for my new room. =)

Wooden wardrobe, already here when I move in. Finally I have a wooden wardrobe again, to keep my clothes.

As an adult, we can't live without the mirror right? So bought a long mirror to put in my room.

Book rack to put some books. Now they not need to live inside those bags already.

For my computer, I need to communicate with him everyday, so I bought him a....

20" Samsung LCD monitor, everything become wider now. Better visual when watching movie, but I have not many time for movie.

Know what is this? Yea, this is a USB cup warmer. Now I can keep my coffee or chocolate drink warm while playing computer. ^^

Went to watch Transformers 2 on Wednesday midnight. I had waiting for it for two years, finally it release. Wonder will it have Transformers 3? When will it be? I guess it will still continue, good job Micheal Bay!

I bought a "Transformers" for myself also. See below.

Before transform.

After transformed. This make my neck feel easy when I practice.Luckily it can be extend tall enough to fit my height. ^^

Going out for lunch soon~
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Choon Hong
I said I will update my blog soon right? And I did it. Went to have dinner near town area this evening. As Soon Aik said can go further place for dinner. Tachi house come across my mind, I cant remember where I saw the advertisement of it before. So we decide to go there to have a try, as we always like to try new things. ^^

This is my drinks, Almond Latte. Left side is before stirring, right side is after stirring. It is nice, I can feel the strong almond taste in the drink. Hue Min ordered Hazelnut Latte, her drinks is nice too, with hazelnut taste. I tried a slip from it, nice hazelnut taste. But I wonder why she say she can't feel the hazelnut taste.

This is Win Naa drinks, Passion fruit tea. Guess it is nice too. Will order next time when next visit.

Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam. Ordered by Win Naa. Forgot to ask her about it after eating.

Seafood sambal fried rice. Ordered by Soon Aik. The ingredient of it are prawn, sotong, got lala somemore. I know it is delicious although I didn't taste it.

Nyonya Lemak Laksa. Ordered by Hue Min and me. Well, the taste is thick, suitable for people who like to eat heavy taste Nyonya Laksa.

My desserts, black glutinous rice with durian. Delicious dessert. The durian taste are too strong, make me cant feel the desserts taste after eating some of it. It is better to mix the durian together with glutinous rice for good taste. It gettting tastier after I mixed them.

The food of here are nice. Just wonder why the waiter keep moving the tables and chairs behind while we are having our meal. We quite annoyed with the sounds.

The house suitable for coffee lover, it selling various type of coffee. You can have the coffee with or without Haagen-Dazs ice cream. You can also get 15% off for the coffee when you order at the teatime during weekdays.
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Choon Hong
Just to let all of you know this blog is still alive. Will update soon. =)
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Choon Hong
2 weeks had gone, the sem break is going to pass soon. Went Times Square on the way back to Melaka.

Mazda roadshow with some hot models.

Have my short lunch, as time is not so enough for me. Only 3 hours included shopping in Times Square, buying stuff in Low Yat, plus lunch.

Alright, this is the place I have my lunch (I think the amount of food I took was not even a lunch)

Sweetchat Cafe at Lower ground of Times Square.

Lets start with the drinks. I order Iced White Chocolate Coffee as it is unique with the word 'white chocolate'.

This is the drinks. I only can say 'what the heck' for this. The taste is not consistent with its name. You called that WHITE CHOCOLATE coffee!? Yes, it does taste like coffee, but where is the white chocolate taste? The taste is almost like ice cappucino. As a coffee drinker, I don't care spend some money to enjoy the coffee.But this is not what I demand for.

The Durian Pancake

I ordered it because it was recommended at the 2nd page of menu. Plus it looks great, so I would consider a try on this. Only one word can describe it when I put it into my mouth. WONDERFUL! The durian inside the pancake melted in your taste bud when you put into your mouth. You can feel like the a durian blust inside your mouth, great!

The bill end up like that. Just feel that the coffee with that taste is not worth paying with that price. Seriously, I rather add few more bucks to get a drink at Starbuck.

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Choon Hong
今天睡醒,又是新的一天。吃了美味的安顺早餐后就去载俊儒(我的弟弟)放学。在去着的路上,电台播了首Taylor Swift 的 Love Story,听了很舒服,越来越喜欢这首歌了。

啊,Rojak Ah Chai,就在三民小学过一条马路, 回来这么多天了还没吃到。看到家长们的车辆,真的几长下的。没办法咯,除了等,还是等,顺便看看下窗外。

我的目光被吸引到几个小男生的身上。他们之中其中一个刚从商店买了个新的小玩具,几个朋友就围着他,开始看他买的新玩具。就在这时,另一个小男生的妈妈来了。她的妈妈,中年人,绑头发,稍肥,骑着一辆紫色的脚踏车。在这么热的天气她不流汗......是假的。(想想自己坐在汽车里吹冷气,我真的很好命) 小男生看见了他的妈妈,很开心,赶紧向妈妈讨钱用来购买跟他朋友一模一样的玩具。他的妈妈从口袋里掏出了一张红老虎,小男生从她的手掌中接过了钱,就跑进了商店买玩具。(曾几何时,我们也这么做过) 从商店走出来,向朋友挥动手上的玩具,表示他也有了。小男生把剩余的钱还给妈妈,向妈妈说了些话(应该是‘谢谢’或‘回家咯’ 之类的吧) 小男生坐上了脚踏车的后座,向他的朋友们挥手告别。母子踏着脚踏车回家。小男生笑了,妈妈笑了,母子俩笑了。

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Choon Hong
Ok. Lets see what I snapped today.

The banner on the tiang lampu

McDonalds crowded with people.

From McDonald's at night. (Gosh, I just have my breakfast at McDonald, visit McDonalds again within 24 hours)

Okay, guess what? Choon Hong is available in Teluk Intan now, for a limited time only. Hooray!
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Choon Hong
Finally the month of June has reached. We have been waiting this month for 2 year. The revenge is coming. Transformers 2 will be in cinema on 24 June 09. I bet that will be the best movie of the year. Argh, I can't wait it anymore.

Bumblebee, Optimus, Ratchet and Ironhide

Chevrolet's car continue appear in Transformers 2 with 3 more extra cars(the silver colour not in the picture). Guess Chevrolet will continue earning money by promoting their car in this movie.

There is a part of humor inside the trailer. It is in the conversation between Sam's parents. I quoted it.

Mum : Look at this place! I feel smarter already. Can you smell it?
Dad : Yes, smell like 40 thousand a year.

ROFL. That is the part take make me busted my stomach. XD

"We are here, we are waiting"
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