Choon Hong
Update what happened during Chinese New Year period first before I start busy for next week mid term exam.

Well, I went back on 11th February. Have my supper at Kepong foodcourt on the way back.

Overall the food here are nice.

A lots of food waiting for me at home. Haha!

Almond nut! (I forgot to bring back my favourite cashewnut T.T)

Neighbour house decoration.

It look like the house is farting

My house lantern

My house simple decoration.

Dried meat, my favourite, ate a lot but still feeling not enough.

Lion dance at neighbour house on first day of Chinese New Year. ^^
By the way, the lion 走光 already. :x

A photo after come back from relatives house.

I spotted Joker!!!

Oh craps.....

Of course not forgetting gathering with friends,

Our lunch at Hutan Melintang on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year.

Visiting teachers and friends house.

The lion dance that wake me up on the second day of Chinese New Year.

They were so young.

Visit grandma house on 4th day of Chinese New Year, a family photo with grandma.

Oh ya, let me introduce my little cousin.

Hey, that is ang pau, not char siew pau. Cannot eat!

Is that a wink?

Her brother is playing with her.

And guess what? We play paintball (actually is painball) on the 6th day of Chinese New Year!

These are not M&M or any brand chocolate, is paint bullet.

The jacket prevent you from getting deep bullet marks

Our battle field.

One week passed, the marks still on my body. >.<

Have a meal and playing fireworks and firecrackers at my friend house on 9th day of Chinese New Year, a few hours before I going back to Melaka.

My secondary school friends.

I think the figure on the weighter is decrease since I sleep very 'early' during Chinese New Year period. Gonna take some actions against it.
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Choon Hong
Finally we end our class on Wednesday, many of them went back to hometown today. Had a walk in Jusco, these are the things I saw today.

God of Fortune giving ang pau near the entrance. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

The stage of Jusco

Something was amazed me. It is a figure from a apparel shop.

Optimus prime!!! It is so big!

Guess it cost more than 5K. :S

Long time I didn't eat this already. Craving for this.

Some of my new stuff for CNY.

My K850 officially 'blind' after serve me for 2 years. T.T

Kingston Tiger year limited edition pendrive. I collect it this year again.

The disney strip from Watson. Mickey, Minnie, Pooh and Lilo. Finally I complete the set today. =)

I think I won't update my blog for the coming week. Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!
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Choon Hong
Start busy from the first day of February, but it didn't affect my Chinese New Year mood. ^^

The Japanese Culture Week begin with the Japanese Culture Fair opening ceremony

Pretty girl and nice background

High Committee of Japanese Culture Week.

God of Fortune cosplayer from Chinese Language Society exhibition.

On the same day, the Japanese Language Fair cooking workshop start at evening. Is time to cook!

Participants and chefs.

A cat get caught drinking pipe water.

They made the love shape pancake, or I should call it pan-piece.

Melting the butter.

This is fried karaage.

Our official drink, Chrysanthemum tea for Cookig Workshop.

Fried tofu.



The day for origami and furoshiki workshop

Decoration of our venue

They are so cheerful. XD


Yukata class, which we teach participant on the way of wearing yukata and a photo is provided.

Thanks ah Tong for helping us to snap the photo for participants.

Group photo of that day.


The busiest day of the week. I need to prepare and present for lion dance performance in Chinese New Year Extravaganza.

Group photo before performance. ^^

Straight away went back to Sri Ruby after the performance. They are having sewing class that time.

Patient, focus and careful.


International Business appreciation dinner today.

The table for Sales and Promotion division.

Some photo shooting after the meal.

Memebrs of Sales and Promotion division

Manage to walk in Jonker with sensei of Japanese Conversation Class after the dinner.

We saw a big lion head too!
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