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My sem break officially start on 25th September 2010! (I counted it as sem break only when I reached my hometown)

Yesterday, my mum remind me is time to clean up my stuff on my desk and under my desk since I not always at home and that desk should not be covered with mountain of stuffs. Of course, some of my works was helped by mum.

Many magazines and toys being "digged" out, and of course my memories. Lets you guys see how me and my friends spend our time when we at primary and secondary school.


My only one BattleGear named Grifeed. Not many kids playing this that time. Most of them playing 4WD racing car, I will introduce it down here.

The metal base of BattleGear which is so rare at my time. Got it as a gift from my best friend where only both of us have this during that time.

4WD Racing Car
Most of them are from Audley.

Well, these are the model car that I spent most of my time to modify during primary and secondary time. These 5 cars are in tip top condition and still able to race. =D

The middle blue one, Spin Cobra is the car that I always use for small tournament organized by the shop near my house last time. With those standard accessories, Spin Cobra is able to win most of the time except when I meet some out of control situation that day.

The two racing car in front which are built using better body and assembled with powerful spare parts are the cars I use in tournament organized by shopping mall.

The other two I didn't mention? They are only assembled using extra spare parts.

Well, as a so called mechanic. I do have a small garage with lots of spare parts, tyres, engine, screw, bumper, rims, etc. XD

Besides that, there are also few boxes of new and unopened spare parts.

My favourite, with rare metalic car cover. One of the car that took part in shopping mall tournament last time.

Another car for shopping mall tournament with stable and solid body.

Racing car that can play on sand ground. See the tyres.

I am lucky for being draw to get an motorbike during the time when playing racing car model.


Besides racing cars, I also like to go shrimping with my friend at riverside when weekend come. I still wonder how many shrimp left now. Long time didn't went shrimping at riverside after my friends went outstation to work.

Not many thing needed when come to shrimping. You only need skills and a shrimping rod. (I can't find my shrimping rod, I think it is gone.)

Oh ya! I do have Pokemon figure too! It is during my primary time.

Those are original figure from TOMY.
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Choon Hong
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Choon Hong
Is September! Finally I have finished my industrial training. Now I gonna have holiday for almost one month.

Today is Mid Autumn Festival. Before this I promise to reach home on Mid autumn festival that day itself, but I have something important to do on Friday. (Oh God, please bless me)

So my plan is back to home on Saturday morning or afternoon so that I manage to dinner with my family. I missed them and Teluk Intan food so much. My holiday plan besides reading and study those tons of books and magazines (I feel like faint when see so much unread stuff, but still I gonna take this opportunity to finish them all)

Not forget my another holiday plan, which is go to hunt for delicious food in Ipoh. Ipoh food leh! Don't 'kai wan xiao'! I even made a list of food that I gonna eat. By the way, I have found a 'tour guide', just not yet confirm the date.


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