Choon Hong
Well, there are 10 things I need to do before, during and after Chinese New Year

1. Buy new clothes - checked
2. Renew license - not yet
3. Buy pineapple cookies back to home - not yet
4. Study for final exam - checking
5. Submit FYP for hard cover binding - checked
6. Wash car - not yet
7. Try not to play till next day morning - not yet
8. Drink more water because I expected I will eat many 'ba gua' during CNY - checking
9. Bring cookies back to Melaka. - not yet
10. Come back Melaka on third day of CNY - T.T

And I have to study even during Chinese New Year because my final exam start on the 5th day of Chinese New Year. >.<

Anyway, I still wanna wish you guys a

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Choon Hong
Final exam is around the corner. Study day and night a compulsory thing to do in this period. However, here are what I do for making this to study week instead of study weak.

Chinese New Year is coming but our exam date are arranged around that time

My snack for this period

Of course some beverage to drink after eating those heaty snacks

Bought some books to read when I feel boring in the middle of study

And not forget some chocolates, Hershey's chocolates.

Study is about absorbing knowledge and getting better results. =)
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Choon Hong
I have been busy with my final year project, assignments and some presentation recently. Good news is I passed up my FYP on Monday and also the last assignment on Thursday. Now I only have 2 more presentation, which is FYP presentation and BSM presentation. (Oh nooooo, FYP presentation)

Don't bother it first, here some update of the food I ate recently.

Grilled stuff in Melaka Raya. This plate costed RM34.50. Anyway, Johor Bahru grilled stuff is still better than Melaka. I know I start missing Johor Bahru food again.

This year is the bunny a.k.a rabbit year for Lunar year. Look, those rabbit are so cuteeee!

Founded a nice snack, vietnamese popiah in Chinese New Year Extravaganza in my campus. This is the first time I try this food and yes, it is nice.

Went to old newton to have dinner on...(forgot which day already)

Grilled chicken wings

Kuih. I brought them and eat in GSC. =þ

Portugese grilled fish and squid. Syok ah!

Carrefour's mandarin orange's box Twin tower.

Grilled squid in Wazen.

Decoration in Aeon. I want to take with it so badly. Next time I gonna take photo with it.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I haven't buy clothes. >.<. Gonna be fast! Hope can get them next week.
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Choon Hong
It is not easy to come out with 11 facts about me, but here they are.

1. I like to eat KFC with tomato sauce.

2. I will have phobia on that particular food if I get fever right after eating it.

3. I did say rude words sometimes when people really annoy me.

4. I have black belt for Tang Soo Do.

5. I like red wine,white wine and coffee; but I did not addicted to any of them.

6. I never rebond my hair, although some people might say my hair is look like rebonded.

7. I get top 10 in every jogathon I took part during primary and secondary school.

8. I have watched Back To The Future and Transformers Movie more than 3 times (it is just too nice)

9. I had few time almost-die incident and I think there is an angel guarding me.

10. My first phone was Motorola E398 and still functioning well.

11. The colour I like the most is sky blue.

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Choon Hong
Ops! I am late one day here. This is my first post in year 2011. And I wanna wish you a

Happy New Year 2011!!!
Have a wonderful and fabulous new year ahead!
May the happiness and joy always be with you!

*I still thinking what to write about the 11facts I was tagged in. Whether or not I have so much of facts. =þ
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