Choon Hong
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas~
with every Christmas card I write,
may your days be merry and bright
and may all your Christmases be white!

Alright, stop dreaming this in Malaysia. Although we can't have white Christmas here, but we can have green Christmas here. Haha. I know some of those western country people may envy us, and in fact they did!

Here are some updates recently.

Had stonegrill food that I didn't eat for 1 year. This Philip Beef Steak.

Mashed potatoes that look like vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup.

Some decoration in Mall

Happy Feet

Big Frosty

Huge Christmas tree

Christmas tree with flower

Light Christmas tree

Santa Clause pendrive

And here are my 圣诞大餐 ^^, all of them are homemade food style. (They just don't looks nice in my camera phone)

Alright, update until here first, gonna start FYP now!

Oh ya, a very funny Christmas video featured Robbie Williams.

See his 'sien' face? Hahahaha! XD
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