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Finally I managed to squeeze the time to have some update on this blog. I am in the classroom now (Ok, the class not started yet).

Just to take a chance to greet readers who visit my blog a

Happy New Year 2012!

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Choon Hong
Just back from my weekend class. Today, I had an interesting conversation with my classmates. We are talking about 'why we further our study on MBA'. Well, thanks to the answer from you guys who are the currently working in different industry and holding top management position and frontline position. The answer from you guess makes me have a clearer and solid decision on my choice to further my study right after my graduation in degree. It is a right choice!!!

You guys have not much time to study. Some of you sacrifice your personal time, social time, family time, and leisure time, just to study for MBA. You guys said it is only 1.5 years of time and willing to take the course and expecting tiredness, stress, busyness, due date.

These are the answer I got:
1. As a top management, you have to know everything about management, at least basic skill. You just can't hire profession and make them work. (From a CEO)
2. Previously I am engineer, but I don't know what they are talking about when meeting with managers. (From a manager who is just get promoted from engineer position)
3. Although now I am just working frontline, but I know I will work in management position in the future. (From an employee who is currently working at frontline)
4. Next time if want to promote people, of course they promote people with higher qualification la. (From an employee who is currently working at frontline)
5. I want to start my own business soon, it is necessary for me to know these thing, especially financial management and accounting. (From an software engineer)

As for me, I gonna start my own business within 5 years time. It is essential for me to equip with these skills. As a business owner, it is a must for me to know everything about management.

Although I have not much working experience to share, but the experience shared by you guys who are currently working really mean a lot to me.

Thank you very much guys!

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