Choon Hong
27 June 2010 - This is the first time I ever had the most tired journey. Drive down straight away to Johor Bahru after Digi Live Talent Quest at Penang. I not sure how much is the speed I driving that time. My supervisor drove 160km/h and I still able to sleep, I knew I was exhausted.

8 July 2010 - Have a day back to Melaka to take company laptop back to Johor Bahru. Had a drink with some of my best friends.

10 July 2010 - The day for Digi Live Tour at Johor Bahru. Watched the most painful breakdance I ever had which I emotionally felt (I bet the audience and judges feel the same like me too.) The first time I watch such type of break dance. Ask me and I will tell you more about it.

12 July 2010 - I noticed I had some tummy come out, but look like it is ok already now. =D
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Choon Hong

I called Johor Bahru as city of Jusco because this city have a lot of Jaya Jusco. As I know, there are Jusco Tebrau City, Jusco Bukit Indah, Jusco Permas Jaya, Jusco... what somemore ya? Anyway, here got a lots of Jusco la.

Recently, there is no internet at the house I staying in Permas Jaya. So I will seldom online and chat with you guys. So anything important, just give me a call instead of waiting me to online.

Mexican coffee at Black Canyon Coffee which I like its taste. They serve it with shoes shaped glass. =D

Anyway, I would like to come back to Black Canyon Coffee again for another coffee too.

And.... this is how kid ask for waiter nowadays. OMG....

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