Choon Hong
It has been quite some time since my last post. Look below. Wao! I have not update my post for more than half year. Well, I am the owner of this blog, of course I choose when, what and how often my blog will be updated.

Anyway, just some updates about myself here. I was busying with outing, assignments and exams since February (after Chinese New Year). It is my last semester inMultimedia University. Finally, I am able to graduate in time. Thanks God! XD

Some of my graduation photos

Snapped during the ceremony. Boring~

Friends who help to shooting those photos below.
(Hey, that's not cosplaying, I am really graduated ok.)

My parents who support me unconditionally during the past 4 years.

Spot me!

I wonder how many of us get back the right hat after this

Look familiar? Do we watch this in Pirates of the Caribbean before?

Although we just jumped out from the cycle of study. I am going back into it again. Currently having my master course and there are tons of assignments and projects awaiting ahead. However, I can do it.

When will I return before this blog turns rusty and dusty again?
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